claudia manokians felt

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hi my name is Claudia Manokian, i was born in Argentina living in the last 38 years in Israel. i am, a textile designer and felt maker artist known for my modern approach to the medium of felt making by hand.
in 1993, while in England, i first met with the old and rich textile art called felt.
many things attracted me to the art of felting, the fascinating ancient history going back to 2300 bc, the wonderful uncomplicated process of the work itself [wool, water, soap and a shaking motion] and the possibility to apply this art to the modern aesthetic approach of our days.
i adopted the technique called nuno-felt :  manipulating a minimal amount of wool fibers through a basis of a fine woven cloth. nuno-felt is light in weight, elastic and falls beautifully. it has many possibilities for interesting textures, transparencies, different layers of various fibers of different qualities, creating many dimensional expanses to the more known traditional felt.
only through touching the material, is the true nature of the scarves and clothings revealed : felt, that warm, wooly material with the hand- made quality and a rural, cozy feeling.    

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